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From a Pauper to a Princess - The Journey of a Puppy Mill Dog

Hiding from within - a broken puppy mill dog's journey from a pauper to a princess.  (To read Rusty's journey from a Pauper to a Princess written by her Foster Mom visit our blog!

To Better Days!

Witness the amazing transformation of just a few of our cairn terriers rescued from puppy mills as we celebrate their indelible spirit and join with them in their hope for better days!



Mother's Day Tribute

We salute our rescue mill mamma's that gave birth to their last litter in freedom - no longer in filthy mill conditions with babies being torn away from them way before they were ready to go.

Look at the smiles on these mother dogs, who for the very first time gave birth in high quality birthing facilities with luxurious accommodations beyond their wildest dreams!

Human foster mothers aiding them, whelping-helping- every step of the way.  Human Mothers are here to adopt these babies into homes full of love and promise.  Smiles all the way around.  The cycle of love continues in Col. Potter.  Won’t you please help us to help more dogs find homes?  You will be so glad you did. 

CPCRN's Tribute to Rescue Workers

We honor all dog rescue workers for their tireless and countless hours donated to loving broken dogs to health and sending them on their way to forever loving homes.

Though they lived with you for a time, and now they may no longer ... you will always be in their hearts forever!



Put Your Arms Around Them

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network has saved so many dogs from horrible lives in puppy mills or death sentences in shelters.  But our dogs have equally saved many human lives as well.  We love our dogs back to health and life and they love us equally back to well being!  We are as one now and forever!

Want to join us?  Fill out a volunteer application!

I'll Be There For You

A light hearted look at what cairns can do!  Our terriers are always there for us and we pledge to always be there for them!




Who Let The CAIRNS Out?

Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network works hard to restore the spirit of rescued dogs and to help them find their INNER CAIRN!  You can't help but smile as you watch these cairns zoooooooom!

Faces Of Rescue

See the faces of some of the dogs CPCRN has rescued as a result of its network of volunteers and donors.  The dogs thank you!

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